Introducing Outfund

We’re excited to announce our official launch out of stealth mode. Our mission is to bring the fastest, easiest funding solutions to high growth online companies across the UK and beyond. For the last few months, we’ve been building our product and funding our first companies. 

Now, we’re opening up to give UK businesses across the country access to our growth funding. 

How we started

Outfund was launched out of personal experience. Our team’s made up of former founders, startup vets and fintech specialists. We all experienced the stress and workload of VC raises and bank loans, as well as the pain of giving away a stake in your baby.

We knew businesses needed a better way to fund their growth: a simpler, faster and fairer way. A solution that turns fundraising from a full-time job into a low effort task and lets founders focus on growing their business. 

So we decided to build it!

How it works

At Outfund, we use an innovative funding model called revenue finance. We advance you a cash injection that can scale from £10k to £2MM, based on your needs. It’s not a loan and you don’t give up any equity. 

You use that money on whatever you need to grow: online ads, inventory, software. Then you repay the funds and a small flat fee with a share of your revenue over a fixed period.  

This means we invest in your future and your potential, not your past. 

You can:

  • Apply in minutes
  • Receive up to £2MM growth funding in days
  • One transparent flat fee
  • No equity dilution
  • And no personal guarantees

You only repay as you earn and you can manage your funding on our intuitive platform. 

Can I get funding?

We specialise in online businesses in these categories:

  • E-commerce
  • D2C online retail
  • Subscriptions
  • B2B SaaS
  • Marketplaces

All these areas tend to scale well with growth funding. However, we’re always keen to talk to any high quality business, so if you’re not listed here and want to see if we can fund you, apply.

What’s coming next?

We’re working to grow the amount of capital we can deploy so we can deliver larger funding advances. We’re also upgrading our product to give us and our customers more insights on how they can best use their funding. 

Of course, right now the situation is especially turbulent for SME businesses. Our goal is to fund as many high quality companies as we possibly can. No one should have to give away huge chunks of their business to stay afloat.

While things are stressful for anyone running a business, know that we’re available to fund and support you quickly and simply.

If you’re ready to start scaling your business on your terms, apply now.

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