What kind of companies does Outfund fund?

At Outfund, we believe funding a high growth business should be fast and simple. That’s why we built our revenue finance model so you can directly invest in the growth drivers for your business. We’re on target to invest millions this year so we’re always on the hunt for superb companies - here are the kind of businesses that are perfect for funding with us.

Revenue making

Since our funding is directly repaid from a share of revenue, we only fund businesses that are making consistent revenue. Note that’s revenue and not profits! We know many strong companies might not have reached profit while still growing revenue at great pace. 

Online businesses

Our funding is specifically for online businesses. This is partly because having online revenue allows us to quickly and accurately construct funding deals. More importantly, online businesses are also best-suited to grow reliably with extra inventory and ad spend. We don’t require but a significant portion of your business should be based online.

More than 6 months old

In all but exceptional circumstances, we also require businesses to have over 6 months of trading activity and monthly revenues over £10,000. 

These are the online business verticals which work perfectly for our funding:

E-commerce and online retail

From online groceries to bikes to lawyers (and about a million other categories), e-commerce businesses are ideally suited to our funding. 

B2B SaaS 

Software-as-a-service companies supplying other businesses are a great fit for us. They grow fast when they hit product-market fit and are built around reliable recurring revenues. 

Online marketplaces

If you’ve built an online space to host sellers and match them with buyers, you’re likely a great match for us too. 

Subscription services

Sending a product your customers love directly to their door every month? We’re ready to back you. Subscription services scale well with ad spend and again have reliable recurring revenue. 

This is not an exclusive list; there’s incredible diversity among online businesses and we may have missed some incredible, unknown categories that would fit our funding criteria. If that describes you, apply! However, the above should be a good guide as to whether we can fund your business.

We’ve got millions of pounds ready to pour into your growth, so if you match our criteria, apply in minutes!

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