304 Clothing: case study

September 17, 2020

Back in 2012, a couple of University of Liverpool students set up shop hand-printing t-shirts in the bedroom of apartment 304. Sean, now with a Biology PhD, and David, an architect, were searching social media in the hunt for exciting travel destinations. Their browsing soon took them on a journey of trying to find suitably cool clothing to take with them. After failing to find anything suitable, they began hand-printing t-shirts purchased from a nearby retailer.


Now selling a full range of Mens, Womens & Juniors’ clothing, the guys and their growing team have big ambitions for the next 3 years. This growth means expanding their range of products whilst maintaining high quality and ensuring product availability. In order to do that, 304 was looking for an injection of flexible funding that would move as fast as their requirements.


The Outfund facility provides capital for e-commerce businesses to use on their marketing and inventory spend. The repayments flex with sales as the business only repays a percentage of their revenue. This ensures the business has enough cash, even in a slow month. Unlike other typesof funding, Outfund does not require a director Personal Guarantee, does nottake a charge over the business, nor does it require founders to hand over equity.


Following a few conversations with an Outfund Investor Associate, Sean and David decided that an Outfund revenue facility would meet their requirements and support their growth ambitions over the next few years. With Outfund approval, 304 received their first facility. In the words of Sean: “It is quick and easy and the payments move with your revenue so if you have a slow period, your payments follow the pattern of your sales.”

4 months on and a second round of funding later, the 304 team has been able to achieve growth of 100% as a resultof their Outfund facility. Maintaining an understanding of the growthtrajectory of the business, Ryan, their Account Manager, is on hand to work with the team on their future requirements, ensuring availability of funding asand when required.

The Outfund application process for funding takes just 15 minutes and a business can be approved and funded for up to £1m in just 48 hours.