About Lemonade Dolls

Lemonade Dolls is the UK’s first underwear subscription business that represents a new generation of young women and is all about female empowerment. Lemon and her team design, manufacture and sell a new brand of underwear, because lingerie isn’t just about pleasing men anymore. These women want hassle-free, positive, comfy underwear to help them take over the world.

Lemon, the founder, performer and coach, started the business as a community on Instagram with like minded girls who inspire, support and motivate each other to live their dream life. Her following increased rapidly, and as the response was so positive, it led her to create a business. After countless hours of market research and understanding the huge gap in the underwear market, Lemon couldn’t let this opportunity pass her by. 

Their Challenge

In order to scale up and grow, they needed funding to develop the technology for their subscription programme by increasing their marketing reach without giving up valuable equity in their business. 

Outfund’s Solution 

Outfund loved this founder’s passion for success and social change. In the space of 24 hours, we provided them with funding to allow them to increase their marketing budget to extend their reach and grow their audience. 

Where Are They Now?

Not only is Lemonade Dolls a thriving business thanks to the investment from Outfund, they've also increased their number of subscriptions by 4X! Victoria Secret, eat your heart out!

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